Frogger - The Board Game

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Ages 8+
2-4 Players
30+ Minutes

Frogger - The Board Game is the officially licensed by Konami fun-filled reimagining of the classic video game for the whole family. Race your frog safely across the river to get to the tasty flies before your opponents. Watch out for vehicles and obstacles that can stop you in your tracks, and be sure to avoid the other hungry predators...they're just waiting to slip you up!

Frogger the Board Game brings you back to 1981, the year Frogger was introduced in arcades everywhere. Just like the original video game, move your frog across the roads and water. Dodge cars and crocs while trying to prevent other players from achieving the same goal. Catch the most flies to win the most points! The game is played over four rounds (two water and two road) to make two complete trips across the board. After the fourth round, the player who has the most points, wins

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