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  • Portable puzzle featuring 15 plastic gears in 3 sizes for solving 40 challenges; 4 levels of difficulty - Easy, Medium, Hard, Extra Hard; Includes storage bag for easy on-the-go fun
  • Slide challenge card under the grid, place gears as illustrated; Use indicated gears to connect yellow gear to the red gear; Puzzle is solved once all gears are able to spin together; Player must use all gears printed on the puzzle card
  • A fun challenge for kids and adults; High quality plastic materials built for lasting durability; Gears fit easily into slots of grid, connect precisely for smooth spinning; Pieces are lightweight yet sturdy and safe
  • Encourages problem-solving, critical thinking, concentration; Young kids learn basics of how gears are able to connect and spin together; Challenges logic skills, creative thinking; Hard work rewarded with the vibrant thrill of spinning gears
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