Binding of Isaac Four Souls 2nd Edition

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  • BACK TO THE BASEMENT: Return to Mom's basement in this vast expansion to The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls! Expand your experience with a brand new Solitaire mode or Co-Op Mode. With more than 250 new cards, replay is almost endless.
  • FRIEND OR FOE: Players can cooperate to fight powerful bosses or sabotage each other.
  • JUST LIKE THE VIDEO GAME: Four Souls is a tabletop card game that embodies everything people love about The Binding of Isaac. Two to four players take turns playing loot cards and using items to kill monsters that yield more items, loot and sometimes souls. The first player to end their turn with four souls is the winner!
  • UPDATED: This is the Second Edition of The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls. All cards have been updated with enhanced backgrounds and updated wording for clarity.
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